Posted by kiomoo on August 6, 2009
The Mad DVDRip فيلم الرعب

The Mad DVDRip فيلم الرعب

Synopsis:  This movie is complete parody, striking a balance between satire and left-field wtf?! comedy. Billy Zane does a phenomenal job at playing the role of the former musician turned doctor. The acting for the rest of the cast is decent, but the characters are really just caricatures of traditional zombie movie fare. The movie is a bit dry in it’s wit, and I can imagine that there are some people who will be completely turned off by it. Flesh-eating zombies tear a chunk out of a pleasant country outing when they trap a doctor and his daughter in a truck stop in this comedic horror film. A horror-thriller in which a doctor and his teenage daughter are terrorized by flesh-eating zombies at a truck stop.


  Movie name :   The Mad DVDRip
  Genre :   Horror
  IMDB Rate :   4.9/10
  Topic By :   silent tiger
  Topic Link :   Download Now .


  اسم الفيلم :   The Mad DVDRip
  نوع الفيلم :   رعب
  تقييم الفيلم :   4.9/10
  الموضوع بواسطة :   silent tiger
  رابط الموضوع للتحميل :   حمل الآن.

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