Posted by PIONO on March 6, 2009
Stiletto 2008 DVDRip XviD-VoMiT فيلم الاكشن والاثاره

Stiletto 2008 DVDRip XviD-VoMiT فيلم الاكشن والاثاره

A methodical female assassin is stalking and killing members of a ruthless criminal organization. The killer, a mysterious young Russian woman, dispatches her victims with Black Widow brutality, working her way through the ranks of thugs, and drug dealers. One of her victims survives. A wealthy, retired crime boss, Virgil. He shares a past with the Russian Woman and her betrayal breaks his heart. Furious and paranoid, Virgil cannot trust even his closest associates. So, he enlists a crooked homicide detective, Beck, to track her down before the police get to her

Movie name : Stiletto 2008 DVDRip XviD-VoMiT
Genre : Crime | Crime | Thriller
IMDB Rate : 6.0/10 245 votes
Topic By : PIONO
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اسم الفيلم : Stiletto 2008 DVDRip XviD-VoMiT
نوع الفيلم : العمل | الجريمة | القصة المثيرة
تقييم الفيلم : 6.0/10 245 اصوات
الموضوع بواسطة : PIONO
رابط الموضوع للتحميل : حمل الآن.

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