Posted by kiomoo on June 12, 2009
Prototype-Razor1911(PC) [REPACK]

Prototype-Razor1911(PC) [REPACK]

Description :
The game is set in New York City as a virus infects people and government military try to defend against it. The protagonist of the story is named Alex Mercer, who has enemy-absorbing and shapeshifting powers.
He can take memories, experiences, biomass and physical forms of the enemies through absorption. Alex can also shapeshift into more specialized forms for attack, defense or sensory enhancement. All of these together are intended to give players multiple ways to complete their objectives.
Parallel to the game’s storyline is the ability to play the game as a sandbox-style video game giving the player free roam of New York City.

  Game name :   Prototype-Razor1911 [REPACK] (PC)
  Genre :   Action
  rating :   9/10
  Topic By :   Kiomoo
  Topic Link :   Download Now .


  اسم اللعبه :   Prototype-Razor1911 [REPACK] (للكمبيوتر)
  نوع اللعبه :   أكشن
  تقييم اللعبه :   9/10
  الموضوع بواسطة :   Kiomoo
  رابط الموضوع للتحميل :   حمل الآن.

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  1. Maverickzero says:

    can be palyed whit joystick? it says keyboard+mouse for default, i cant change it, if can be played whit joystick tellme how change it plz.

  2. vendetta76 says:

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