Posted by Solid_Snake on March 6, 2009
Operation Thunderstorm (PC)

Operation Thunderstorm (PC)

Features :

* Photorealistic graphics and excellent music, supported by the Jupiter EX engine, used in famous F.E.A.R. * 9 extremely playable levels, providing hours of fantastic playtime. * Diverse missions in a small French town, Himmler’s castle in Germany and a secret mine complex in Owl Mountains. * Realistic weapons: Luger P08, Sten, MP40, Kar98, Stg44, Panzerfaust, Grenade, Stielhandgranate, MG42.

Game name : Operation Thunderstorm (PC)
Genre : Shooter
rating : 7/10
Topic By : PIONO
Topic Link : Download Now .


اسم اللعبه : Operation Thunderstorm (للكمبيوتر)
نوع اللعبه : أطلاق بالاسلحة
تقييم اللعبه : 7/10
الموضوع بواسطة : PIONO
رابط الموضوع للتحميل : حمل الآن.

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