Posted by Hannibal Lecter on August 28, 2009
Flash of genius 2008 dvdrip.xvid

Flash of genius 2008 dvdrip.xvid


On his wedding night in 1953, an errant champagne cork rendered college professor of engineering Robert Kearns almost completely blind in his left eye. A decade later, happily married to Phyllis and the father of six children, he is driving his Ford Galaxie through a light rain, and the constant movement of the wiper blades irritates his troubled vision. The incident inspires him to create a wiper blade mechanism modeled on the human eye, which blinks every few seconds rather than continuously.

Movie name : Flash of genius 2008 dvdrip.xvid
Genre : Drama
IMDB Rate : 6.9/10 3.525 votes
Topic By : Hannibal Lecter

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اسم الفيلم :
Flash of genius 2008 dvdrip.xvid

نوع الفيلم : دراما
تقييم الفيلم : 6.9/10 3.525 votes
الموضوع بواسطة : Hannibal Lecter
رابط الموضوع للتحميل : حمل الآن.

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