Posted by kiomoo on August 2, 2009
Calvin Tuckers Redneck Jamboree-HI2U

Calvin Tuckers Redneck Jamboree-HI2U

Description :

The cover of the game announces that there are “12 Redneck inspired events” on this disc.  However, the cow roulette mini game can hardly be considered a mini game.  During the tournament mode, this cow roulette mini game will take place after each event.  With a one in twelve chance to win, this “game” is completely pointless as a winner is rarely chosen and there is no player input.  Why this made it into the final product is a complete wonder. Every year the people of Redneck County gather to compete in the great Redneck Jamboree! Come join them and test your redneck skills in 12 hilarious events to gain more bottle caps than any of the four families participating to become 
the greatest family of the county for a year.

  Game name :   Calvin Tuckers Redneck Jamboree-HI2U (PC)
  Genre :   Arcade
  rating :   3/10
  Topic By :   Kiomoo
  Topic Link :   Download Now .


  اسم اللعبه :   Calvin Tuckers Redneck Jamboree-HI2U (للكمبيوتر)
  نوع اللعبه :   ألغاز
  تقييم اللعبه :   3/10
  الموضوع بواسطة :   Kiomoo
  رابط الموضوع للتحميل :   حمل الآن.

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