Posted by kiomoo on July 29, 2009
Bigfoot Collision Course-Postmortem

Bigfoot Collision Course-Postmortem

Description :
Since its inception, Bigfoot has been the leader of the pack in the monster truck industry. Get ready for some mind-blowing 4×4 car crushing action starring The Original Monster Truck, Bigfoot , When Bob Chandler started work on the first Bigfoot monster truck in the mid ’70s, he surely had no idea that his creation would spawn a popular new motorsport. He also couldn’t have guessed that Bigfoot would be headlining a handheld racing game more than 30 years later. That’s just as well, because if he’d known about Bigfoot Collision Course for the Nintendo DS back then, he might have abandoned the whole monster-truck idea to save us from it. Bigfoot Collision Course isn’t just a racing game that lacks any real sense of speed–it’s also a racing game with less than two hours’ worth of uninspired content and which lacks any multiplayer component whatsoever.


  Game name :   Bigfoot Collision Course-Postmortem (PC)
  Genre :   Racing
  rating :   4/10
  Topic By :   Kiomoo
  Topic Link :   Download Now .


  اسم اللعبه :   Bigfoot Collision Course-Postmortem (للكمبيوتر)
  نوع اللعبه :   سباقات
  تقييم اللعبه :   4/10
  الموضوع بواسطة :   Kiomoo
  رابط الموضوع للتحميل :   حمل الآن.

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