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Although ArmA 2 is set in the fictional ex-soviet state of ‘Chernarus’ the gameworld is actually a 225 square kilometer chunk of the real world! ArmA 2’s highly detailed landscape is a meticulous facsimile of real terrain, modelled using extensive geographical data. This recreated region is brought to life with spectacular environmental effects and populated with dynamic civilian settlements and wildlife. Wild animals roam the atmospheric forests while the people of Chernarus try to live out their lives among the war-torn streets.

Game name : Arma II-RELOADED
Genre : Tactical shooter
rating : 7.9/10
Topic By : PIONO
Topic Link : Download Now .


اسم اللعبه : Arma II-RELOADED
نوع اللعبه : شوتر
تقييم اللعبه : 7.9/10
الموضوع بواسطة : PIONO
رابط الموضوع للتحميل : حمل الآن.

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